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Can you hear the rumble? - 100%

enshrinedtemple, March 11th, 2016

The release of Meliora has came and past, but Cirice continues to make waves. Ghost broke into the mainstream with a fantastic single. Lots of radio play is on factor and the other is their recent Grammy win for Cirice. While the Grammys have certainly lost their mainstream appeal, it is still an honor for a metal band of this caliber to get recognition.

I genuinely think this is only the beginning for Ghost and I believe they will be mainstays in the dwindling rock culture. Ghost is one of the most unique bands that are being played on the radio by a long shot. Cirice is a breath of fresh air to a suffocating industry. I know metal music is an underground force to be reckoned with, but it's bands like Ghost who have that ability to break into the mainstream. Despite their occult tendencies, there is still that majestic nature about them that appeals to the masses.

For a single, the song is pretty heavy even for Ghost. It sounds like a 70’s hard rock or prototype metal song. The thing that sets it apart is the majestic chorus and all around vocals from Papa. It's that balance where the song is heavy enough for metal heads but it also has that element of accessibility. There is also that build that progresses throughout the song with the creepy instrumental passage, heavy instrumentation before the vocals kick in and of course the atmosphere of the keyboards are felt. The song ebbs and flows between heavy and soft while constantly building. The guitar solo is a well placed work of art in itself because it is timed well and does not feel forced. It's placed towards the end of the song right before the vocal finale

Cirice also happens to be the longest song on Meliora so it shows that Ghost is not focused on just hitting it big with a top 40 radio hit. This is the best reflection of Ghost and it is a good taste of what to expect on Meliora. Cirice is a well crafted and catchy piece of art. It still gives off the feeling that Ghost didn't go to the mainstream, the mainstream came to them. The Swedish occult rockers have broken through the barrier with their music and their mystery. I'm sure they weren't expecting Cirice to be such a big hit, but everything just fell into place for them.

When looking at it from an from the viewpoint of a single, Cirice is far from a mainstream hit record. It is a song that developed in the studio that had been trimmed down and separated from Devils Church. Just thinking that a a single that peaked at number 4 on the mainstream rock charts, started out as a 9 minute instrumental that got broken up and spread out on Meliora. This is not the effort of a band trying to hit the big time but it certainly sticks out like a sore thumb on rock radio.

I am truly surprised it took the mainstream so long to recognize what they were doing. Ghost has had some singles in the past that could have done similar damage as Cirice did. Still, it's important to recognize a turning point for the band. Their next project whether it be an EP or a full length in the future is sure to make some waves yet again. I just hope they are able to craft music that holds the same quality as their previous album while not letting the success of Cirice dumb them down.