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Something Slightly Different - 78%

PaganWinter_44, January 15th, 2006

This band obviously has a hatred for other black metal bands as they clearly state in the CD booklet. What I truly like about this album is the progression. This band will start out as any ordinary black metal band. Whenever I first heard this, I thought this would be nothing more than another Marduk or Darkthrone, which seems to be happening a lot. Yet, only the first couple of songs are really like that. You see a slow and steady progression in each song. The vocals will gradually go from a harsh growling to an "Anaal Nathrakh-ish" screaming. The full effect of this album is that you slowly progress into a level of hatred not commonly reached in any other band.

The only thing this album is lacking, is the originaliy. The riffs are nothing too new and the drumming is rarely heard unless paying extreme attention. Basslines are somewhere but lost. I have to give them credit for not repeating the same three notes over and over again. They at least make an attempt to change the rythem a bit. When you first hear the album, you'll want to dismiss it, but give it a chance. It's nothing extremely bad.

As for the National Socialism in the music, it's rarely noticed. The only indicator that they band is Socialist is the picture of a burning synagogue underneath the inner casing. It seems that the band promotes the hatred of a socialist, yet they lack the atmosphere for it. All I'm picturing is the apocalypse and satanic supporters in their music. Nazi or not, they do not appear so.

Overall this is a decent album. I have no complaints about having it in my collection. Not my favorite, but I'm proud to have it in my cd case. If you're looking for something completely different from ordinary black metal, then this is not the album for you. If you're looking for some hardcore socialism, then you will not find it. However, if you search for some hatred and hints of originality in music, then this is it.

Maybe I'm just getting old... - 65%

Snxke, July 3rd, 2004

This kind of black metal is slowly starting to wear on me. The constant blasting, strangely produced (yet still not engaging) guitars and typical vocals are just coming to a point of "why care"? These blokes can obviously play, but they really seem to need to develop their sound into something more than the common "we have a black, grey and white album cover and vague lyrics about death and satan" before I'll start jumping up and down for this kind of thing. If this had been done ten years ago, it would have been fascinating, sadly...this seems to be just another band piling through endless blast-beats, "drone" styled riffing and the typical "blah blah satan-genocide-death" vocals/lyrics.

If this typical NS black metal is your thing...go for it. The production is clear, the guitar tone is awkward but solid...and the band obviously enjoy what they are doing. None of the songs really stood out for me, the constant hammering eventually does create a violent mood one can escape in provided he's in the right frame of mind and I KNOW this will be pleasing to a large group of people. Sadly for me, I'm not really one of them.

If you like unrelenting blast-beat metal that winds and turns without really adopting a point of attack, but also without the common "atmospheric" bits that most bands use to spice up this kind of sound...this might be for you. Think of Krisiun dumbed down to a science of violence? The band isn't doing ANYTHING new, and aren't even really at the front of the movement they are working in. It's not BAD really, it's just not that GOOD either.

Buy it if non-stop black metal destruction (hence Marduk) is your thing. Just don't come to this looking for originality, lyricism, variation or large amounts of atmosphere.

It works for what it is...but sadly "what it is" is something I've heard 1,000 times already and it makes it hard for me to embrace this CD as being anything new or exciting.