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Genius Ultor - Nic co boskie nie jest mi obce - 95%

Tomecki666, January 23rd, 2018
Written based on this version: 2014, CD, Arachnophobia Records (Limited edition)

Four years after the release of their first album Dzien Nocy, Genius Ultor comes back with Nic Co Boskie Nie Jest Mi Obce (nothing that is divine is alien to me). Wirus, Zgorzel and Kra, who created this album, come from Polish death/black metal band Stillborn and Genius Ultor is considered their side project. I’ve been listening to this album for quite a while now and it seems to grow more on me every time I do so. Some consider it to be black metal release but to me it is so much more. The sound of it, its morbid atmosphere and lyrics that reject any sympathy for living things ooze an aura of degradation and without a doubt can trigger uneasiness and maybe even fear in weaker individuals. As depraving as it sounds, there is even more to this album than that.

Any of you out there giving this album a try will surely notice a very unique sound of this album. Black metal hordes out there got us used to a certain criteria they go by when it comes to the way they sound, but Genius Ultor are taking it a step or two further and make their album sound dissimilar to anything I’ve heard in the past. Nic Co Boskie Nie Jest Mi Obce is an album that sounds sickening, vulgar and somewhat primitive, where primitive is used in the best sense of the word of course making it raw, vehement and vindictive. This is an album that needs to be listened to as a whole because even dissecting these seven songs into pieces and into separate instruments will bring exactly same results.

Guitar, drums and vocals operate with intensely repulsive ranges and all of them are ready to cut your throat with their sonic blades tarnished with hate. They will not wait for you to put your hands up; they will attack and butcher you looking straight in your eyes. This is black metal at its ugliest and most repugnant. Musically songs move from fast and merciless thumping into more atmospheric pieces giving you a false hope of attack being over just to come back and rip through your sanity again. Black metal it is called but to me some arrangements on the album are oscillating between black, punk and maybe even hard core, which is being an abomination in itself. Lyrical layer is also unconventionally blasphemous. Written entirely in Polish it exploits life, its aspects and religious elements by using their own words combined with some excerpts from Polish poetry between other elements and going into sacrilegious territories. All of them screamed, growled, shouted or maniacally screeched pierce through your senses leaving you shaking in disbelief. Glorious combination of elements put brilliantly together and executed flawlessly.

Genius Ultor created an ugly, intimidating and arrogant beast. This is an album that should be listened to or rather blasted out loud. It can alter the way you perceive black metal and can turn you against everything you consider acceptable in this genre. Nic Co Boskie Nie Jest Mi Obce is an album that anyone and everyone should give a spin because it could be an indication of what transformation is coming in the future for that style. Is it going to be accepted? We’ll find out.

(Originally written for

Another really fine Polish BM masterpiece! - 85%

dismember_marcin, July 20th, 2014

I already managed to almost forget about such project as Genius Ultor, although couple of years ago I gave their debut album “Dzień nocy” quite a positive review. To those, who’re not familiar with Genius Ultor let me just say that it is a project of the members of Stillborn, who’re quite respected death / black metal band here in Poland. But the debut CD of GU was released in 2010! Since then the silence has covered the project and the only sign of life from those guys was Stillborn’s “Los Asesinos del Sur” album… and then Ataman Tolovy was active solo, recording several materials for his killer project called Turin Turambar. But finally the time was right to do another Genius Ultor, whose second album came through Arachnophobia – and that is another really awesome release from this small underground label! Yes, I still can’t shake off after the magnificent Odraza “Esperalem tkane” CD and the label attacks with Genius Ultor! Trust me, I spent last couple of weeks, listening to “Nic co boskie nie jest mi obce” and this album gets better and better with every listen. I mean, I was impressed since the beginning, really, but now when I know all these songs pretty well I am also finally ready to review the album and I am also sure that it won’t be an exaggeration or some ass-kissing, if I say that it’s yet another awesome Polish black metal album!

But there can be a debate whether we should call “Nic co boskie nie jest mi obce” a black metal at all? Not that it would really matter, I suppose that the band won’t give a damn shit about labelling their music… but the fact is that Genius Ultor is far away from the typical, classically meant black metal releases from Scandinavia. Some Polish bands, just like the mentioned Odraza, have created some sort of unique sound and style, special feeling and atmosphere, and even if their music is rooted in the black metal style, then combined with this uniqueness the result is just something different and something out of ordinary. And Genius Ultor is also such exceptional band. Another thing is whether an album like “Nic co boskie nie jest mi obce” will be able to speak and reach to non Polish listeners, as I have a feeling like they won’t be able to understand it at all… just look at the lyrics. All texts on “Nic co boskie nie jest mi obce” have a special character, are unordinary. They are also, together with the very characteristic vocal sound of Wirus, responsible for creating the atmosphere on the album. So, if you don’t understand the lyrics, then you may lose the essence of the whole material. So, better learn Polish, if you want to find out what “Nic co boskie nie jest mi obce” is all about!

So, the vocals and lyrics do give something unique to the album. But the music I dare to say is also far from typical black metal stuff. Sure, Genius Ultor managed to create a dense, thick and black as a tar, dark and sick atmosphere! Yes, some of these riffs are almost hypnotizing, but the whole album is full of variety and there are many slower, mid and fast parts spread through all seven tracks. But that diversity, along with quite original way of playing and arranging the songs and vocals, are what makes the album so interesting. Many great riffs, many totally killer parts… and every song will surprise with something awesome and memorable. The title song, then “Koniec wszystkiego co znamy”, “Zwycięstwo” – these songs will show you what Genius Ultor is all about. And in the end we have an acoustic track titled “Krew nie woda”, which is based on Impaled Nazarene “Blood Is Thicker Than Water”… OK, I don’t remember the original at all, as last time I have listened to anything from Impaled Nazarene was over a decade ago (I’m just not a fan!), but this acoustic song, with great harsh or clean vocals sound fantastic and so weird hehe! It just shows that bands like Genius Ultor have no boundaries… Also in such “Koniec wszystkiego co znamy” you’ll find a mid part, which is so far away from the known and common black metal playing. But that’s the strength of this band, especially when they put such fragment between fast, blasting black metal! Sometimes the music has the simplicity and dirtiness of old punk, just like in “Kataryniarz”, which is filthy, vulgar, uncompromising and aggressive… and cold as dead. And if there’s a song, which really is close to Impaled Nazarene, then it probably is “Zło przenajświętsze”.

Bands like Genius Ultor have their own vision for extreme music and black metal. Albums like “Nic co boskie nie jest mi obce” are brave and unordinary, and I am not sure whether everyone will really enjoy this stuff, for it’s just not like the typical black metal. And there are these vocals and lyrics, which will probably sound so weird for non Polish listeners... maybe this is why we, Poles, worship such albums and at the same time they don’t reach as many maniacs abroad. But come on! You all listen to Norwegian, German or French lyrics, so do that also with Polish black metal and I can assure you that “Nic co boskie nie jest mi obce” will strike you hard and won’t leave you careless. This is simply a very good album, indeed!
Standout tracks: “Nic co boskie nie jest mi obce”, „Zwycięstwo”, “Koniec wszystkiego co znamy”, „Kataryniarz”
Final rate: 85/100