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Genius! - 90%

omen, February 24th, 2003

I heard a few tracks from a promo of this CD, and my first thoughts were "I gotta get this album". Some of the songs are in the "regular" melodic/power metal genre (not that it's a bad thing), like "Dreams", which has Mark Boals' fantastic high-pitch vocals.

With artists like the above-mentioned Mark Boals, Lana Lane, Midnight, Daniel Gildenlow, Oliver Hartmann, Chris Boltendahl and more, this album should really have some potential, and indeed it has.

With a great epical story (about Genius, who one day finds himself waking up in the Dreamworld, a place where no humans are allowed), great vocals, very varied songs and great riffs etc this makes it an album really worth buying if you like melodic metal with a tiny bit of progressive elements.