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Genetic Disorder - Cosmic Terror

Genetic Disorder - Cosmic Terror - 90%

Metal Extremista, October 19th, 2021
Written based on this version: 2016, CD, Independent

The band, playing a mix of tech thrash and death metal, and their "Cosmic Terror" EP are already known in the local arena. They have been receiving much less attention than they really deserve. Originally released on CD-R in 2016 and reissued on cassette in 2019, this album is a true gem from start to finish, one of the best productions ever made in this country.

The fact that it is an independent production - almost entirely - gives extra value to the band's work. The EP Cosmic Terror includes six compositions, two are instrumental pieces, the rest has lyrics written in English. Kevin's voice shouts about the decline of human existence, our internal struggles, visions of an enslaving society with a dystopian future, and the search for comfort in a nonexistent god. The influence of science fiction and a vision of reality touched with deep pessimism, results in these interesting lyrics.

Musically it is no less complex, each track is a sample of high-level composition and impeccable execution. As expected in the genre, guitars lead the attack. Neto Cruz is a virtuoso and the parts on which he excels are many throughout the half hour of playback time. Rubén on the second guitar does a great job, resulting in a consistent and perfectly harmonized aural impact, without leaving gaps and with high-level demonstrations of his abilities in some solos. Armando playing bass guitar, is clear and precise, significantly increasing the character and quality of the band. Drumming by Mike is another strong point of the album, it has some progressive elements between the classic style of fast and violent old American thrash.

There’s no room to pinpoint favorite tracks as all 6 tracks listed are worth it. In conclusion, any fan of extreme quality metal worth his salt should listen to this album.

Originally written for Metal Extremista Webzine