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Genetic Disorder - Cosmic Terror

Never Mind the Vektors, Here's the Genetic Disorder. - 86%

6CORPSE6GRINDER6, May 20th, 2020

80’s comic cover: check. Sci-fi logo: check. Technical outer space sounding scales included in the riffing: check. The main influence is obvious but the fact that the band hails from central america (specifically El Salvador) adds a lot of street cred to the band’s sound. The riffs are very technical and the performance by every player is top notch but the production isn’t over polished like on most of the records released by bands with this kind of sound these days. I’m not saying the record sounds raw but there’s a delicious organic feel all over the skins of the drums, the precision of the rebounds, etc; and I consider it a big plus. The same goes to the strings, every instrument’s level is correctly mixed and let you hear everything at all times but the final mix isn’t as bright as you could expect: the guitar tone is super creamy and the bass tone is all fuzzy and 70’s.

The sound modeling choices they made for the string’s result in a master track that has an obscure character but in an interstellar way, indeed. The vocals are lower in range that DiSanto’s for example, and kind of black/thrash because they’re also raspy. Not a lot of vocal prowess anyway, just spitting aggression. The first track is an instrumental intro, the proggy songwriting shows off the intentions of the band since the beginning of the album but despite the technicality it doesn’t kick off immediately. On “Alienation Destruction” the sci-fi riffing comes out completely at full speed, followed by a traditional stop and go part over a way more traditional and aggressive riff.

Few can achieve this combination of tecnichality and violence so smoothly. The solo section On Alienation is exquisite too, experimenting with slower tempos and that eerie and void galactic thing. They use some blast beats on the next track, though. Genetic Disorder’s main attraction is the sci-fi appeal but I knew they were something else here on “Subsequent Duality”, the slamming breakdown they included along with the blasts add a new dimension of weight and brutality to the geek technical retro-thrash tag. I’m not spoiling the rest of the album for you but you should definitely check this out if you’re into exquisite and exotic bands.