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The drinking man's black metal... - 69%

Ayeka, May 22nd, 2003

In a nutshell, this is basically a heavier version of Venom. Gehennah have obviously taken a lot of inspiration from Venom in terms of how they approach their music - raw, dirty, poorly produced, slightly sloppy but ultimately very fun Black Metal. That's not to say it's for the kids or anything, but Gehennah retain Venom's sense of humour in songs like Beat That Poser Down, I Fucked Your Mum and We Love Alcohol. There is an overwhelming sense of this being a band who truly enjoy what they do. So what if it is sloppy in places? It's impossible to take this album too seriously - you just laugh with the band, kick back with a beer and enjoy some nice, raw BM. The fact that these songs are certainly stronger than those from King Of The Sidewalk helps as well ^_^