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Gary Busey Amber Alert > 2011 Winter Demo > Reviews > MorbidAtheist666
Gary Busey Amber Alert - 2011 Winter Demo

A fast, melodic, technical and cool demo! - 87%

MorbidAtheist666, March 22nd, 2017
Written based on this version: 2011, CD, Independent

This is a really cool two song demo by Gary Busey Amber Alert (a funny and creative band name). They changed their name to Alterbeast. This demo features ultra fast drumming by Garrett Garvey and ultra melodic & fast guitar shredding by Rusty Cornell & Andrew Lamb. The bass playing by Jason Brehm is quite good. I can’t really say anything noteworthy about it. The bass playing blends in nicely. It could have been mixed a bit better.

Of Decimus Divine starts off with super fast drumming and super fast guitar riffs. The drumming is greasy fast and it’s quite mind blowing. Garvey is an absolute madman on the drum kit. He bangs the drums with such precision and speed. The bassist Brehm is able to keep up with Garvey. Jerry Yancey has good vocals, he uses low pitch growls and high pitch growls in this song. The vocals kind of remind me of The Black Dahlia Murder’s vocals in a way. There’s some really brilliant guitar work. The leads are magnificently melodic. They’re highly memorable. The riffs are pretty solid. This song is super fast and technical about a minute and 30 seconds. It gets a bit slower after that, but that’s not a bad thing. It is not boring and it doesn’t drag on. The guitars are quite melodic towards the end of the song.

Vile Remnants starts off with a fast and a complex guitar riff. This is a longer song. The musicians showcase their abilities on here more. Most of the song is fast and technical. Yancey does a great job with his vocals. Again, he uses low pitch growls and high pitch growls in this song. The guitarists incorporate a lot of melodic guitar leads and there’s a really incredible guitar solo in this song. There’s really sweet pinch harmonics (not a lot of them like Malignancy) thrown in and there’s a really technical sounding part around the 3:00 mark. One of the guitarists nicely puts his whammy bar to good use. Like the last song, the guitars are quite melodic towards the end.

This is an excellent demo. It is too bad that there’s only 2 songs. The first song could have been a bit longer, it zips by pretty fast. The drums are a wee bit too loud, but it’s no big deal. The bass could have been louder though. I highly recommend this to anyone who likes shred guitar and fast drumming. Oh and if you don’t melodies either, this demo is for you. I would have given this a higher score if it had more songs.