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Great, a break from GothenBORED - 94%

Znarglaxe, October 5th, 2003

When i first heard this album, i didn't know if i liked it very much, but my opinion soon changed. I didn't particularly like the very first track "As a True King" for the simple fact that it sounded like every other Gothenburg band ever. But "Powertool", one of the gems of the album, shows not only how GOOD female vocals with the harshness of the DM vocals, can create a contrast that sounds divine, but also a very pleasing contrast between brutality and the sounds of harmony. Most of the songs on this album show that contrast, which quite frankly, I find badass.

Now, granted, the music on this album is not exactly what one would call the peak of skill, but it gets the job done, and well.The interweaving melodies of songs such as "Deserted" and "Small Electric Space" leave the listener with a feeling of satisfaction at having heard something different for a change.

I will recommend this album to all those who enjoy good MDM but want something a little different.