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2 1/2 good songs - 54%

BaronVonK, April 17th, 2003

This album starts off with a good start, As True As A King is a fairly catchy and enjoyable aggressive Gothenburg song along the lines of something earlier In Flames might have written. There is a weird guitar effect that almost sounds like an accordion.

The next song Powertool is alright, apparently it's about a vibrator, whatever, I don't think it's particularly funny. The song it's self sounds about the same as As True As A King, same drumbeat, same style of riffing, same tempo, but has a few female vocals sprinkled throughout.

The next couple of songs are pretty unremarkable and sound relatively similar to the last two.

The next two songs however, are where this album actually shines and makes listening to it somewhat worthwhile. The first of the two gems is If Tomorrow's Gone. This one takes a break from the drumming pattern and tempo of the previous songs and slows it down a little bit, starts off with a nice clean chord intro and then kicks in with some great harmonic riffs, slows back down and then the song goes into a mix of clean and rough vocals. Part of the greatness of the song is the dynamic between the clean singer and the rough singer. This song also feels like it has more emotion than the previous songs on the album.

The next great song is Small Electric Space. It starts off with an almost lounge piano intro, but quickly proves that it is in fact metal. This one is purely clean vocals (Eric Hawk of {\link Artch}) and again refrains from the drum pattern and riffing style of the previous songs, but goes for a more restrained style. This one also has some great harmonized guitar leads.

After those two songs, the album prettymuch continues down the path that it seemed headed down from the first four songs. This album is a great example of how a lot of Gothenburg styled bands would improve drastically if they got a permanent clean lead singer and focused more on songwriting and less on being aggressive.