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Don't be fooled - 46%

Muloc7253, December 10th, 2007

This does not sound like In Flames mixed with AC/DC. In Flames, yes, in a vague shared genre way (this is a melodeath album) but there is no trace of AC/DC here at all. This sounds nothing like 70s rock in the very slightest, and the only thing I can find about it that might give it that 'hard rock' tag everybody sticks on here is maybe a small late 80s pop metal influence (I suppose you could say there was a little Hysteria or Cherry Pie in there). There is no overly simple three chord hard rock riffs (which makes AC/DC so great) and certainly no Bon Scott/Brian Johnson style vocals either.

Now that that's out of the way, it's not actually that bad at all, considering. It's just very one dimensional...a bit too simple for my liking. Not that can't simple music can't be good (the aforementioned AC/DC of course, is excellent) but with this kind of metal, especially when the band uses harsh vocals, the music needs something to spice it up. If you're gonna mix Hysteria with Clayman you need to do something a little beyond that.

Now in retrospect, there are some catchy songs in here. 'One More for the Dead', for instance, has a very catchy chorus. It's just the fact that when it is sung in a sort of popish 80s rock style, yet with a vocalist pulling off (fairly weak) power metal vocals it tends to get a bit tedious. This album is a good example of a band who are good at writing music but their overall sound just doesn't support it in any good way. I can't really recommend this, it's just not overall interesting enough.