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Victims of Science Litter The Ground - 84%

grain_silo, August 27th, 2011

It only took one riff to make me love this band. This band that is, sadly, pretty much unknown. The riff in the title track is so good that I immediately fell in love and the rest of the album isn’t bad either.

The production is extremely raw. The guitars are insanely heavy. With a little more distortion they could easily be confused with a death metal production. The drums are insane, the way they sound and how they are played. The snare sounds awesome and the bass drum is loud throughout. The bass is kind of low but you can still hear it a lot of the time.

What these guys play is pure, 100% thrash metal with a bonus…blast beats. I’m sure back in 1989 if you wanted blast beats, you had to go buy some Carcass or Napalm Death, no way you would ever find a blast beat in a thrash metal band, right? Wrong. Gammacide did something I’ve never heard a thrash band from the 80’s do, use blast beats. They use them just enough where when they are there, they take up the intensity level so much. I hear a lot of thrash bands that go so fast, they almost unknowingly want to burst into one but Gammacide actually did it. The riffs are amazing, “Victims of Science” has one of the greatest riffs ever written, and it’s so heavy it’s almost ridiculous. “Fossilized” starts with a little drum fill and explodes into some thrash. “Gutter Rats” has a lot of blast beats and some awesome bass parts. Pretty much every song on here is fast and brutal as hell.

The vocalist is pretty unique. I can’t really think of anyone to compare him to, he kind of has his own thing going on here and it completely works. He doesn’t really sing, he just yells. Not like a punk singer though, most punk singers just kind of talk and yell but this guy sounds like nobody else. Very good vocalist for the chaotic thrash that is displayed here.

This album suffers from one thing, fillers. Some of the songs just don’t deliver like they should, but then again it’s kind of hard to beat the title track. If you haven’t heard this album, you really need to get it and listen to it.

Best tracks – “Victims of Science”, “Fossilized”, and “Walking Plague”