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Crushing! - 85%

dmpjackson, July 12th, 2007

Gammacide is one of the most obscure bands of the thrash genre. When I managed to get my hands on a copy of "Victims of Science" I felt lucky just to add it to my collection. But the real value exists in the music.

The music absolutely pummels the listener. I found the production to be very good, especially for a band no one's ever heard of, and the riffs really keep you on your feet. The problems I have are the drums and vocals. There's nothing wrong with drummer, its just that he chooses to do a lot of almost death style blastbeat stuff that I find just a bit annoying. Also, the vocals are chunky and sound as if he is got a cold or something. All the tracks are good by I found "Fossilized" to be the best.

"Victims of Science" is one of the most intense albums of the thrash genre, and can be a downright punishing but highly rewarding listening experience.