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Thrash--Straight, No Chaser - 75%

corviderrant, November 15th, 2005

This Texas horde had a simple mission in their existence, to annihilate your brain with nothing but straight ahead thrash metal with distinct death metal overtones. As the advertisements for this album stated: "No acoustic guitar intros, no noodling, just no bullshit THRASH!" Or something like that, and on this album Gammacide delivered well on that promise.

The down points are: tinny drum and bass sounds and grating monotonous vocals that sound as though Varnam Ponville is talking his way thorugh every song without much in the way of variety or dynamics. And the soloing wasn't that imaginative as well--very Dark Angel in that respect. That aside, whew! This was a lethal blast of over the top aggression from start to finish. Every song storms its way through your speakers like a herd of rampaging rhinos, with about as much tact and subtlety as that implies. Every song gives you just enough time to catch your breath, if that, before mowing you down again a moment later.

The guitar tone is excellent, deep and crunchy and perfect for the songs at hand. Even a blast beat or two rears its head here and there, but they unfortunately don't sound terribly well integrated. The drumming was outstanding too, tight and powerful and never missing a beat, despite being hindered by the weak drum sound. The songs flow together into a tapestry of thrash metal sound and fury that while not offering much variety certainly accomplish much in the way of devastation. And hey--they were Texan, damn it! That Tejas attitude is here in abundance and makes this album eminently worthy of your time. If you can find or download it, go for it!