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The Unstopable Bulldozer Known as Gammacide - 85%

TexanCycoThrasher, June 9th, 2009

Stomping it’s way through your stereo & into your ears, Gammacide’s unknown classic, Victims of Science, is a marvel of thrash. An ass kicking experience, this album is not recommended for the meek metalheads.

To begin with the production isn’t as good as it could be, it carries the Tortured Existence type of production--tick & heavy--but Gammacide’s variation carries a grit too it that gives it it’s originality. One complaint with it is that the bass is fading in and out quite frequently.

But musicianship these guys could be compared to the sheer force of a bulldozer if it went as fast as a lambo. The guitars are heavy as hell on this album, not to mention Shelby & Perry can shed!!! The riff’s are fast, & have a nice crunch to them. But the solos are as relentless as the riffs, listen to Fossilized & you’ll know what’s up. The percussion is furious, the best aspect of the percussion is that it aided in many of the intros, Gammacide often didn’t do the single riff, drum intro thirty seconds later intro you normally hear, which I find to be another thing that adds to the ausomeness of this album. The bass is good, or what you can hear of it is good. But their vocalist Vernam Ponville brings an original brand of vocals to the table. He can be described as something in between Vio-Lence’s Sean Killian and Demolition Hammer’s Steve Reynolds. He just has a fury in the way he sings that’s not seen often. But one downside I do see to this is that somewhere around Gutter Rats or Walking Plague it seems to meld together & you normally loose track of what’s going on.

Overall a good album with a few problems, & highly recommended, that is if you can find a copy.