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Annihilated By Nuclear Fallout - 93%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, May 23rd, 2008

How can one of the most violent thrash metal albums ever be so overlooked or even forgotten? I don’t know but it’s the case of Gammacide with their only released album, in 1989. The thrash metal period was a bit in crisis for the new born death and grind bands but they didn’t care about this and kept high the flag of the most pure thrash. The power of this band is unbelievable and I was really shocked the first time I experienced this album.

The guitars riffs and the drums were the first two things that I immediately notice and followed from the beginning until the end. The drumming is precise, essential and sometimes the blast beats flow in on a field of crunchy guitars supported by their earthquake distortion. It’s the case of the opener “Endangered Species”. The guitars’ distortion is one of the greatest thing I’ve ever heard in this genre and when the drumming is focused on the fast double kicks session, the hell is unleashed. It’s like being hit with a piece of metal on the back of your head.

Generally the songs are quite short so you cannot be bored because the impact, when concentrated in a small length, is even more devastating. But let me say that these guys are not only about pure impact because the technique level is always high and the are several tempo changes in one song with lots of stop and go, like in the furious “Shock Treatment”. Sometimes, there are parts in pure hardcore style with the thrash distortion of the instruments, while the prevalent influence can be found in Slayer or Dark Angel for the schizophrenic riffage.

The vocals are very particular with that hardcore hint in them, but always terribly thrash and vicious. They reminded me the ones by the great Insecticide, but here the whole songs are more structured in songwriting with a higher number of riffs without losing anything in impact and freshness. The solos are fucking awesome in their tremolo picking style with lots of whistles. Sometimes like in “Gutter Rats”, the only bass sound introduces the quite long series of blast beats that are really devastating.

At the end of the album, even the noise of a plane taking off in your room can be so quiet for your ears. These guys are fucking compact and total impact devoted. A small gem for those who want to try a different way for a headache as should be. Total thrash. No compromise.