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Blinded by Science They Cheated Death - 88%

bayern, November 28th, 2017

Although this band was definitely intended as a full-time occupation back in the 80’s, now it can only be viewed as a stepping stone for the band members who jumped on quite a few wagons in the years to come. And quite a solid stone it was, to tell the truth, the seismic debut being a fair highlight even on the late-80’s horizon with its hyper-aggressive delivery the guys fully aware, pretty much in the vein of Morbid Saint and Incubus, of the existence of this up-and-coming beast called death metal, but also fully capable of stopping right on the edge before tumbling into the latter’s snare.

Said tumbling was a tangible possibility if the guys had lasted longer, and they did indeed, but they managed to circle around death's treacherous traps along the way, to these ears intentionally, and the demo reviewed here is another proof of their strife at immortality. These four cuts here could have been leftovers from the debut as the style is the same, intense very energetic thrash with frequent more technical decorations giving it a somewhat inimitable lustre also coming from the fact that those decorations remain just hints, and never develop beyond that status…

not to worry as “Crackdown” blasts through the speakers with all the passion the band can muster, a vitriolic whirlwind of aggression which sweeps the listener like a tornado, the stylish fast-paced rifforama knowing its mellower stomping breaks, but the headbanging parade is ensured also with the spasmodic screamy lead sections and the cool semi-declamatory/semi-shouty vocals giving it the requisite boost. “Ballistic” deserves its title on all counts, the resultant mosh resembling both mid-period Slayer and Toxik’s “World Circus” as the more intricate dashes are more audible, the frenetic shreds reaching a fever pitch mid-way which is immediately followed by more controlled pounding passages. “Forces of Nature” stirs ultra-dynamic riff salads that don’t miss out on more technical skirmishes which appear literally form every corner, making the delivery not very predictable despite the established very speedy formula. “Sex Cult” must have become the hymn of every existing sex cult back then although performing any sexual intercourse with it providing the musical background would have been tantamount to the sex cult turning into a death one in a matter of seconds; the riff-storm is quite impressive the guys not forgetting about the staple more elaborate configurations, also throwing a couple of blast-beats towards the end.

The death metal movement couldn’t claim the band, a test passed with flying colours here, but focused on not succumbing to the death charm the band completely forgot that there was another, much more nefarious threat on the field… when they fully grasped the dangers coming from that other side it was already too late, and the guys became captives to the groovy/aggro/industrial mould under the name Puncture. The provocative moniker was misleading as the band had no intentions whatsoever in pricking the groovy 90’s layer as the style was quite faithful to the trends at the time.

However, their passion for the good old school thrash hasn’t been extinguished completely as the guys returned to thrash territory with Texas Metal Alliance, albeit with a pinch of death (finally), the blend being more on the modern side including on that band’s continuation Warbeast where also the presence of none other than Bruce Corbitt (Rigor Mortis) can be felt. From one “beast” to another… the guys have been trying to get a total recall of their finest moment, when under the protection of the invisible gamma rays they managed to escape death and nearly attain immortality.