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Not much of a point here. - 50%

hells_unicorn, November 29th, 2008

There are a whole bunch of short length releases occupying the early part of Gamma Ray’s history, which is something of a reflection of how hyped the project was due to the previous success of Helloween. This is among the least interesting of the lot, owing a lot to the lack of anything really interesting on here. Sure, the title song is pretty fast and fun, and it is one of several examples of Kai Hansen and Ralf Scheepers doing those famed vocal trade offs. But after about 4 or 5 listens the song gets pretty tired due to a lack of a definitive set of riffs or a hook with any real staying power.

The two b-sides aren’t much of a step up in terms of interest. The alternate version of “Heaven Can Wait” has a lower quality production, but that’s basically it. Nothing is omitted or added to the song other than the fidelity of the sound. The version of “Heading For Tomorrow” that is on here is basically a karaoke mix that lacks the lead vocal tracks. It’s a little interesting to listen to once or twice because it makes some additional background guitar and keyboard parts audible, but there are likely not many people who should even be attempting to sing this song in front of people considering how damned large of a high range it requires and how difficult it is to hold a true pitch that high if you’re not a trained vocalist.

Since this was exclusively released in Japan, I guess I can understand why it doesn’t have much appeal outside of that market. Metal fans over there are usually in love with their favorite bands, and often willing to blow money to try and train their voices to sing just like their idols at bar outings. But unless you’re a rabid Gamma Ray fan who has to get their entire back catalog to show off to your friends or a fool looking to blowing his voice out trying to sing like Harry Conklin, there are other Gamma Ray releases out there with much more to offer.