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Underrated by many - 84%

Lennert, May 9th, 2006

This album is no Heading for Tomorrow and not as good as the later albums with Kai on vocals. To be quite honest, the first time I listenend Sigh no More it kind of bored me: no power/speedmetal like Powerplant, no escapistic lyrics and no Kai Hansen behind the microfoon (at least not on leadvocals). The album was put somewhere in the same corner as Queensryche's Empire. Thank God I relistened these albums after a few months to rediscover them, because they both deserve it.

There is no big epic like Heading for Tomorrow to be found (Dream Healer gets close, but is too short to be a real epic). The rest of the songs are more hardrock than heavy or powermetal with the exception of As time goes by and Dream Healer. This doesn't mean they are bad after all, in fact most of them like Changes and Start running are really great. The only real downpoint is Rich & Famous, which is in my opinion a little too happy for this album.

The guitarsolo's are great as always and Ralf's vocals are quite good, I start to like him more than, say, Halford (no, this isn't blasphemy, I think Halford's overrated).Uli Kusch' drumming is heavy and firm and Uwe Wessels basslines are creative like on most Gamma Ray albums. The lyrics deal most of the time about the Gulf War and aren't bad, I just happen to like the fantasy/SF related themes more.

Sigh no More is a good, if not great album and should be (re)listened by more people. Absolute highlights: Changes and As time goes by