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Sigh some more.... - 56%

IWP, June 9th, 2008

Because, this is a huge let down from their debut album, Heading For Tomorrow. There is hardly any great power/speed metal moments on this album. Apparently, Ralf Scheepers wrote the majority of the material on this album, and it shows. Not only is he an annoying singer, but he is a pretty mediocre songwriter as well, and he's the main reason why this album is so mediocre.

The majority of songs on this album sound like an attempt, and I do mean, attempt at mixing power metal and 80s hard rock/glam. While the power metal moments on this album are good, the glam moments on this album range from mediocre to absolutely atrocious. Don't get me wrong, I love glam metal. it's one of my favorite genres of metal and music as a whole. Bands like Poison, Motley Crue, Whitesnake, and Skid Row are great and show a more fun and laid back sense of heavy metal. However, this band should not be playing glam, there are not at all good at playing it. There attempts at playing glam are so silly, incoherent, goofy, and stupid, that you cannot take it seriously, more to less enjoy it.

The songs on this album are split in between two categories: decent/good power/speed metal, and stupid, goofy, watered down glam/80s hard rock. The formal containing Rich & Famous, As Time Goes By, Start Running, and Dream Healer. Then, the latter contains Changes, We Won't Stop the War, Father and Son, One With The World, Countdown, and The Spirit.

The power metal songs are pretty decent. As Time Goes By is the best of this bunch, and the best song on this album. It wouldn't sound to out of place on one of Gamma Ray's later releases, as it's fast with great riffs. This song is pretty great speed metal. Rich & Famous is pretty good as well. It's nice and catchy, and sort of sounds like I Want Out. These are the two best sogns on this album. Start Running and Dream Healer are pretty decent as well. There not exactly good songs, and Dream Healer tends to get pretty boring at times, but their solid, and at least better than the majority of songs on this album.

The other half of this album is pretty atrocious. As I stated before, the majority of these songs sound like an attempt at playing 80s hard rock. The best of these songs is Changes which is actually pretty decent. It has a pretty nice groove to it. However, the other songs range from mediocre to horrible. Countdown sucks so bad that it makes glam metal sound like a joke. It suffer from a retarded chorus and the song is just way too silly for it's own good. Hell, this makes Quiet Riot's Critical Condition album look like a masterpiece, it's that bad. One With the World also suffers from this though it is slightly better. Father & Son is a poorly done hair ballad which is really nothing special. It's not bad, but it's still pretty damn boring and mediocre. We Won't Stop the War would be alright if it weren't for yet another stupid ass chorus.

For the most part, this album is pretty boring, and thus is Gamma Ray's worst album. It has it's moments, but they are few and far between. The only really worthwhile song on here is As Time Goes By. Most of the other songs on here are a poor attempt at glam metal/80s hard rock. Twilightning also mix power metal and 80s hard rock, but they are at least way better at doing it. However, this band certainly isn't. Avoid this album, unless you are completist, and if you at least want some good glam metal, listen to something like Skid Row or even Poison. However, don't buy this album. Download it instead, and enjoy the few decent momets it does have.