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Fast and furious! - 91%

UltraBoris, August 14th, 2002

This is the definitive Gamma Ray album, simply because it starts to rock, and then never stops again. There is no filler - no silly ballads, no goofy interludes, it just totally owns you from beginning to end, refusing to let you go until it has turned you into a quivering mass of assorted carbonic byproducts.

Highlights. Oh dear, all of them. [insert song title here] is totally good speed metal. There is even a Pet Shop Boys cover, "It's a Sin", which is made so it totally doesn't stick out. "Heavy Metal Universe" is complete Manowar worship, complete with Gods-Made-Heavy-Metal bludgeon riff. "Wings of Destiny" has to be some kind of Judas Priest tribute (though not as overt as, say, "Solid" from the next album!) "Armageddon" closes the album and is an epic smashing number, with an amazing series of guitar solos.

In short, this album can do no wrong. A classic of German speed metal, almost as good as the legendary Walls of Jericho.