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The Greatest Anti-New World Order Hymns - 100%

WishmasterTheDark, October 24th, 2011

New World Order is a huge problem, and sworn enemy to mankind. You may laugh at will, but that's what they want. They want you to believe that New World Order is a fairytale. You may believe in this or not, but New World Order is a not so well-known fact. Since the early beginnings, in his first band Helloween, Kai made songs with the same lyrical content - brainwashing the people, taking human lives at will, starting wars in order to reduce human population, spreading diseases etc. In the early Gamma Ray albums, that topic is still present, but it was more Gulf War oriented, which is also part of New World Order's game. Kai is back with his anti-New World Order songs.

Not just No World Order album stands for Kai's beliefs, but almost entire discography of Gamma Ray. Kai and band members tell problems of globalization, and bastards who want to take control of this planet. Madness, personal beliefs, religion, hope, genetic engineering, hypnotized masses, brainwashed people, reduction of human population, and the most important one - freedom. This is the lyrical content of this album. But besides them, here you will find song Lake Of Tears. It is strong touching ballad, full of powerful emotions. Not just because of the lyrics, but because of ambient of the song, and its structure. Combination of slower tempo, acoustic guitars, distorted guitarist with great power chords, amazing guitar solo, excellent drum rhythms and Hansen's amazing vocals. That's the key combination to make this perfect song. Besides the Lake Of Tears, there is another one song, which doesn't belong to this group of anti-New World Order Songs. That one is called Trouble.

It reminds me a lot of classic rock songs, done with strong and dominant keyboards, amusing song rhythm, excellent drum work, rough soaring vocals, tasty guitar solo and lyrics which don't have any serious meaning. The short intro song Induction, and these two songs are the least heavy songs from this album. There's nothing wrong with that, but they are so different comparing to other songs from the album. Induction is short choral opener for Dethrone Tyranny. Other songs are much fierce, heavier, and some of them are much faster. When band members combine high pitched vocals and screams, fast heavy riffs, fast drum work, intelligent lyrics, enchanting guitar leads, technical and fast guitar solos, you get an amazing product: Dethrone Tyranny, The Heart Of The Unicorn, New World Order, Solid and Eagle. Other songs are done with mid tempo, still heavy and not less blazing riffs than songs I already mentioned, with excellent song structures, lesser tempo changes. Mind-blowing guitar solos are trademark of Gamma Ray, so they are present in every song.

Even though every song is perfect, not all of them are that memorable after the first listen. Induction+Dethrone Tyranny, Heaven Or Hell, Eagle, Lake Of Tears, Trouble and Solid are songs which will instantly occupy listener's attention. Mostly because of unbelievable refrains, strong and powerful riffs, fast tempo, this ballad because it is so damn well done, and last track of the album because of its classic keyboard driven rock ambient. They put in shade other tracks from this album, but after few listens other songs will start to shine too. When that happens, you will realize how perfect this album truly is. Gamma Ray is the power metal elite, and each of their albums is pure gold. They never seem to fail.

Good sides of this release:
Slower, mid and fast tempo songs. Insane refrains, blazing, powerful, heavy, original and creative riffs. Incredible lead guitars. Technical, tasty, and fast guitar solos. top-notch creativity with lesser progressions. Soaring, strong and powerful vocals, with high-pitched screams. What else do you expect from heavy metal band? This is an absolute classic, and a masterpiece album. I highly recommend this album for every metalhead.

Bad sides of this release:

Every song.