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A Gamma Ray Through Your Brain - 90%

Flamos, October 8th, 2008

Gamma Ray is constantly involved or compared to Helloween, due to the fact that Kai Hansen was one of the original members of Helloween is in Gamma Ray. I get annoyed with it, but that’s how it’s going to be. This is seventh full-length release from Gamma Ray, is it up to snuff?

Well, yes it is. The intro has a bunch of chanting that leads to Hansen singing are his very unique voice. “Dethrone Tyranny” is the first real song on the record, and it’s also one of the best. The vocal layers in the chorus give the song a nice atmosphere. The riff is awesome and gives the song some backbone. “The Heart of the Unicorn,” yes it is a very lame name for a metal song, but oddly enough it’s still a good one. Kai’s voice gets amazingly high here, which is something many will like or dislike. “Heaven and Hell” is great with a catchy chorus, which seems to be Gamma Ray’s staple.

The track “New World Order” is becoming a live favorite for Gamma Ray for good reason. It’s got a sing-along vibe to it, which is great for the fans. Cool solos fill this track as well. “Damn the Machine” is a mid-tempo song, the only real one on the album in my opinion. This is kind of bland, but it’s nothing bad. “Solid” is the best track on the album. Fast paced, piercing vocals, and catchiness. This song has everything and delivers, one of Gamma Ray’s best. The next two tracks aren’t really anything special, the only filler tracks. “Eagle” is also fantastic. It’s too bad it ends with “Lake of Tears,” the song isn’t bad or anything, I just wished it would’ve ended with something more exciting.

Overall, this is one of Gamma Ray’s best. Only two tracks feel like filler, the rest is fantastic. If you’re just discovering Gamma Ray this is a good album to start with. I’d also like to mention that the cover art is unbelievable. This doesn’t effect my score, I just thought I’d mention it.