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This is how a Part II should be done! - 98%

Black_Metal_Elite, June 26th, 2008

Yeah I know, I shouldn't just give out stupidly high reviews-- but this album really deserves it. Everything about it kicks ass, and I can listen to any song on this album at any time of the day and completely enjoy it. Sometimes I even listen to it before I go to bed, when I could be listening to Tomhet (for example) to help me sleep.

Why does it kick ass though? Well, just think of the perfectly crafted song. The backing riffs are solid and "metal", Kai's vocals fit perfectly (yeah I know he doesn't hit those high notes as often but his choice of melody in this record is ideal), the bass is audible and adds to the environment of the album as most Gamma Ray albums tend to encompass nowadays, and the reason it lost 2% is because Dan Zimmerman decided to continue to the NWO and Majestic idea. Seriously, he is an amazing drummer and can kick all of your asses any day of the week, and I'm going to assume Kai Hansen just doesn't want him taking the spotlight or anything (but he did make Cosmic Chaos on the SOIS album, so I really don't know anymore). Besides, he keeps the rhythm throughout the album; while adding those correct beats in at the proper moment. I guess anything technical on this album would seem out of place... since we're dealing with some 'in your face kickass power metal'.

Kai's solos, while predictable (ex: twiddling around on a 4 note scale, then going all out) is still enjoyable. The rhythm lines still tear up the place regardless and the fluidity of this album rapes your face so both eye sockets are a big gaping hole. Listening to "Rain" made me feel like I was playing Duke Nukem. The production on that song for the guitars is so heavy I can't even use a dictionary to form the correct adjectives to describe it. The closest I can come to it is "Otherworldly", or "Fantastic". Now, the song Empress takes some shots; but the vocals are the key addiction there. Get into the song, think of the tale of Macbeth or anything-- it makes me feel like I'm in medieval times.

Land of the Free 1 was done justice. Kai once again, goes upward. Well, he always goes upwards (except for Genius and Insanity...), though I can't imagine what the next album would be like. I hate listening to Gamma Ray because it just dominates my playlist, and is too much of a contrast between my Black Metal and Power Metal. I mean, try going from Arthemesia or Abruptum to Gamma Ray. It’s awkward... regardless listening to LotF 2 is like eating sugar. I'm sure you can connect the dots there.

Recommended for buying!
Top 3 personal song choices: Rain, From The Ashes, any other song goes after these because they're all equally kick ass.