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A bit better, but still stuck in feces-land - 41%

UltraBoris, August 14th, 2002

This album sounds more like the debut than the previous album, but is still mired in songs that are either utterly bad, or just not living up to their potential.

"No Return" and "Last Before the Storm" are both decent, and the title track has a nice ripping chorus, but the verses are just a bit dragging. Then, "Heal Me" suffers from Virtual XI syndrome, in that the chorus is repeated way too often.

As for the disappointing category, there is a song here called "Gamma Ray", and when usually there is a song that is the same title as the band name, the song tends to reflect the band's general attitude perfectly: Black Sabbath comes to mind. This song has some really shitty verses, and then a chorus that comes out of nowhere, blows your mind, and then is never to be seen again.

Okay then again that does describe the first three Gamma Ray albums.