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Their worst, and that says something - 76%

Lennert, May 4th, 2006

Apart from Gamma Ray and Insanity & Genius there are no really bad songs to find here. In fact, Tribute to the past, No return, Last Before the Storm and Heal Me are instant GR classics and should be hailed (in my humble opinion) as some of the best songs they ever wrote. Songs like The Cave Principle, Future Madhouse, 18 Years and Your turn is over (which is in fact a really fun song) and Brothers aren't bad either, but don't really disserve to be called 'really great'.

The production is not as good as Sigh no more, but this raw sound gives an extra touch. At first I didn't like Ralf Scheepers vocals (Kai Hansen is THE power metal God to me), but after listening Sigh no more I changed my opinion. He is in fact a great vocalist and is quite capabel in singing the old Gamma Ray songs. Still I was more than happy to hear Kai sing again on Heal Me, which is by far the best song on the album with it's Queen influences and some of Kai's best screams in years. The first three songs are just great German power/speed metal songs.

Still: the album is the worst Gamma Ray, it just isn't able to compete with the earlier Scheepers albums and is by no means equal to the albums which are sung by Kai. But on the other hand, Gamma Ray remains Gamma Ray and I am still more than happy to be able to listen it. Case closed.