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Gamma Ray’s ‘Risk’, As Dave Mustaine Would Say... - 52%

Black_Metal_Elite, September 20th, 2008

I know the score looks terrible, but there is two to three amazing songs on here that just blow my fucking mind. Gamma Ray should have just released those three songs as a demo and not made a CD. This is Kai Hansen’s worst album ever. In fact, Kai Hansen isn’t even bad! His guitar kicks ass, and he never fails. It is the band that failed him. I must say the band did obviously try a stunt here by naming their album insanity, and genius. The idea probably was “We are insane to release this, but there is a chance it could be genius and go gold!” Well, it didn’t. They did a live DVD tour in support of this album (why?!) , and it turned out to be more for collectors. This part is Gamma Ray’s low point, and it is best just to get Blast from the Past.

Let me start by saying “Last Before The Storm” rips your face off and buries you. The entire song clicks. Now Dan Zimmerman did do way better drums in his cover, but the rawness of this release is unheard of. Everything about this song screams metal and does it in a really 'anthemic' way. As much as that isn’t really a word, it sums up the attitude of the song. One thing does get on my nerves though, and that is the guitars. While Kai Hansen is amazing, who tuned those guitars? No, wait. Who set them on Crunch mode? The guitars sound very, very crunchy. To those that don’t play guitar, it is a setting on the amp, or a description of a sound that you just have to experience. This setting puts the guitar in the background (this is bad), and leaves it there (this is worse). It takes away from the balls of the album, and sounds a bit raw and harsh at times. The intro to Last Before the Storm can take some people off guard at first as it rips through in a really loud abrasive fashion. After adjusting, it proceeds to kick your ass, but whoever produced it should have done a better job.

One song that blows my mind is The Cave Principle. There is something so unique about this song, that it brings to life the feeling. The song itself is not the best, but the emotion and vivid images it evokes compensate for this and bring it to a new level. I feel like I am actually a cave man on the ground, crawling to an open hole out of my cave to a grey rainy day under palm trees. This is best suited for listening to before or in bed to get the full effect. Other than that, listening to it in the car may not help. Getting through to this song may be a bitch as well, and this is why I gave the album such a low rating: The songs on here are 90% filler. The first few songs suck terribly. They are done for the sake of doing things. The magic is nonexistent, and so are the hooks. You don’t need hooks to be good... but this is power metal. It feels like totally re-hashed material put together with really bad glue. The only other track that is semi-decent is Heal Me, and that’s for the ballad lovers. If you do not like ballads, you are shit out of luck.

That is all there is to it. I have nothing else to say but they are fillers. There is nothing to draw you in, besides one kick ass song. It was hell to get to the end, though there is one majestic masterpiece. That song is GAMMA RAY! Yeah, the self titled song done totally right. I do not consider this their song (it’s a cover), though the video for it along with the fun aura it creates is terrific. Just try singing along, you’ll have a ball. Uli shines on the extended version of this song, so if you want a half-drum solo... get the extended version. Other than that... this is for completists only.