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Live out of this space in the valley of the kings! - 90%

Kalelfromkrypton, April 20th, 2010

When it comes to DVDs I tend to be very picky because too many times bands think of what they want to put just because it is a DVD but honestly, once you buy it, it comes with a lot of crap, saying boring documental, stupid shit (Nightwish’s ‘Made in Hong Kong’ playing ONE), or utter crap bootlegs that can barely be heard.

In this case with the mighty Gamma Ray we have hell (pun intended) of a full concert filmed in Montreal. The set list is exactly what we have expected. This is not intended to say that the one with Ralf is much less because it is not They had only one full album out so it is an amazing concert but this is where we are talking about kicking ass power metal they way it should be played.

The cameras are well placed and we get a chance to enjoy all of the guys enough playing time. Perhaps the only one who gets less time is Henjo. The dynamics of the concert in general are very good and you do not get bored at all.

In regards to the concert itself, it was made before the release of Land of the Free II but while the DVD was being prepared they were already releasing the album so some of the newest songs are included as bonus tracks. The set list contains exactly what we wanted and expected, saying they begin with killer ‘Gardens of the sinner’ and immediately they follow with ‘No world order’. What a way to begin your head banging sing along chorus experience! There are songs from almost every single album except perhaps Insanity & Genius which is not fan favorite but we get 3 kick ass fast songs from ‘Somewhere out in space’: ‘SOIS’,’Beyond the black hole’ and ‘From the valley of the kings’ and when I say they play them fast is because they do. Heavier songs (although they don’t sound as heavy as the studio album) come in the form of ‘Fight’ and ‘Blood religion’. These are rather commercial songs (so to speak) and I would rather out ‘My temple’ and ‘hell is thy home’ but that is just a minor complaint. Surprisingly enough Kai grabs an acoustic guitar and performs acoustic version for Fairytale which is very cool performed. ‘Send me a sign’ ends the set and it is of course a killer song. ‘I want out’ is performed a little faster than the original version and it sounds cool. Do not expect the high pitched vocals ala Kiske because you would be fooling yourself. This is a nice interpretation of Kai’s classic.

When it comes to the second dvd this definitely sucks. The ‘History’ is ok, then the ‘Road Movie’ is boring and here where I begin to press ‘Stop’. In regards to the video clips they are utter shit. The only video clip that perhaps is worth watching is ‘Space Eater’ and even maybe ‘One with the world’ because Ralf is there and they are somewhat cool. The rest are really bad concert filmed videos de-colored sepia. Considering that Helloween had more and less cooler videos this is really disappointing. Of course it is unfair to speak about the production of the video clips but rather the fact of including them on this release and that is why I am only taking 10 points out: because of the boring documental, road movie.

As far as the unplugged and bonus live tracks, they are ok but you can live without them with no regrets. The main dish is served in the full concert on disc 1. This is a must have for Gamma Ray fans and a nice addition, both the DVD and audio cd which I have as well and it is nice because of the variety of the set list and powerful performance of the guys. By the way, I must mention that this is definitely a killer set list again, because when you compare to Helloween’s where we get the same old songs concert after concert you get old and not to mention the overuse of keyboard driven songs. Gamma Ray use keyboards intelligently that the songs sound yet metal which you can clearly see and listen to on this concert. Rayniacs out there get it or go beyond the black hole out of this space!