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The awesome set list beyond this space! - 90%

Kalelfromkrypton, July 9th, 2010

Hell yeah (pun intended) that this is one of the best live performances ever. I must confess to you guys that I am a Gamma Ray fan, I have almost all their catalogue except for (you guessed right!) ‘Insanity & genius’ and ‘Sigh no more’ but as far as the rest I just love them all so this album was kind of mind blowing for me because of the set list. There is a little bit of everything and to begin with, the band open with one of my favorites ‘Gardens of the sinner’ from Powerplant, there are tracks from the less than stellar ‘No world order’ and some songs from the old days, even the already burnout ‘I want out’ is there to cheer old fans.

I have to say that, although the stage might fall short in comparison to those of Helloween the band know how to handle themselves on stage. As far as the performance I have to say that Kai is a very charismatic singer and he creates this cool vibe with the audience. They know who he is and they respect him for that but aside, he knows to treat the audience with respect and he adds a lot of energy when in front of the people. Henjo is, as far as I am concerned, kind of underrated. He is a very capable guitarist but his problem is with stage presence, but since this is the audio version of the concert we should not worry about that. He plays the riffs along the way and the solos, although not very technical or impressive go along with the music. There is even an acoustic song which is kinda new for a Gamma Ray; I have never seen them using acoustic guitars. Dan Zimmerman, unfortunately as most power metal drummers follows the rhythm beats but nothing else. He is good, no doubt, but he does not add anything or even texture to the songs. What is remarkable about him is that is one of the back ground vocals WHEN PLAYING! Dirk is an awesome musician but sadly enough the bass is really low in the mix so you can barely heard it.

The songs are pure cheer intensity and whenever they play ‘Beyond the black hole’, ‘Valley of the kings’, ‘Somewhere out in space’ I have to admit that I start playing my air guitar because they are the fastest songs they have written. There is power metal at its peak is performed. The mid paced songs are as well awesome and I say this because ‘Heavy Metal Universe’, ‘Blood religion, ‘Send me a sign’ come to our ears they send chills down your spine. The proficiency of the guys in stage is breathtaking and they do know how to play heavy metal. Even the good ballad ‘The silence’ (without the extraordinary vocals of Ralf) is thrown into the mix and it sounds quite well.

The only bad point I have to appoint is the bass which is really low as I mentioned above. It is really sad because the crunch is taken away. Since the vast majority of power metal bands use an M+ scale and it is so high (especially in power metal) then the bass would be needed to add support to the rhythm parts. Aside from that this is a very very good rendering of the set and I must say I enjoy it a lot whether the audio or the DVD version. I like the set list the most since I can listen to songs from all their many eras and the intensity and power of the band without many keyboards and/or over dubs puts a smile on my face.