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Gama Bomb > The Survival Option > Reviews
Gama Bomb - The Survival Option

A nice first demo - 63%

Visionary, January 10th, 2007

Gama Bomb’s first demo is some pretty good punk influenced thrash. The guitars run along at a very speedy pace and the singing is some cool drunk sounding punkish screams similar to Nuclear Assault with a bit of Lemmy thrown in. I usually detest these kinds of vocals in thrash but Gama Bomb manage to pull it off reasonably well. Gang vocals are included here and is nice to see that bands still use these as they can be a great addition. Some cool melodic solos are thrown in to and tend to be pretty drawn out in a Megadeth and Metallica fashion. The songwriting feels a bit lacking with the riffs getting quite repetitive and somewhat muffled by the production but most of the focus seems to be on the vocals so it isn’t too important. The snare has a bit of an irritating sound coming across as very tinny but it isn’t hit at hyperspeed as some bands do so it isn’t all bad.

A very promising start that shows a band with a fresh sound of its own that can be futher developed in the forthcoming releases.