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Archetype of the thrash metal - 90%

zombi3, April 8th, 2010

Suddenly you awaken and go from a vegetative state to overdrive. Almost comically you feel like someone is watching you and decides to press the fast forward button. You didn’t choose this fate. It’s in your veins. You feign for the speed, the shredding, the vocal potency and massive atomic energy you get from thrash metal. Yes it may be a tough addiction to feed at times but with Gama Bomb’s newest release Tales from the Grave you won’t be going through withdraw anytime soon.

Breaking through earth’s atmosphere with unstoppable force, Tales from the Grave is the archetype of the thrash metal proving that the members of Gama Bomb know how to exceed your expectations. The proof is in the construction of every one of the twelve songs, not just a favorite few, and begins with the enormous vocals from Philly’s Byrne. Few vocalists in the thrash metal world boast the same strength as Byrne but for comparison purposes Bruce Dickinson lead vocalist of Iron Maiden may come to mind. Byne fluctuates between harmonic speaking and high pitched screams while displaying his powerful talent to reach the highest of high notes without a fight. If you’re accustomed to the common growls and groans of typical heavy metal be prepared for a totally different experience as you’ll never hear anything along those lines in Tales from the Grave (then again it is thrash metal). Enter in Domo Dixon (lead guitar), Luke Graham (guitar), and Joe McGuigan (bass) and you’ve got the ingredients for pure metal destruction. The rhythms, riffs and shredding are enough to cause smoke to pour from you speakers and make your ears bleed. How fast you ask? How about Kerry King (Slayer guitarist) fast. Equally as important is Dixon, Graham and McGuigan’s ability to ensure that each song is as catchy as it is technical. And, what would thrash metal be without some kick ass speed drumming (a major deal breaker). Drummer Paul Caffrey tears through each song with a vengeance adding in as much ferocious double bass, perfectly executed fills and cymbal accents as you can handle.

What’s even more exciting about filling your craving for the best thrash metal on the planet? Doing it for free! Tales from the Grave is currently free to download through the band’s record label Click on Gama Bomb’s label link below then click on Gama Bomb on the website and follow the instructions to get your free copy (and don’t worry you won’t have to jump through hoops or sell your soul to get it).

Andy Rajan