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The jokesters return - 40%

morbert, April 7th, 2010

Actually I could just repost my review from Citizen Brain. Only this time I couldn’t say Hell Trucker is the best song. Right? Anyway. Biggest difference between their previous album Citizen Brain and this one is…. Uhm.. Nothing? Well, they've gotten worse really. More of the same but actually even less entertaining. What is good about GamaBomb however is Domo Dixon. This lead guitarist is simply too good for this band and wouldn’t feel out of place duelling with Bonded By Blood’s Juan Juarez.

Well, I saw them live in the meantime. And I know in my previous review I said GamaBomb were probably more entertaining in the live environment than on album but unfortunately I have to take that back. It turned out GamaBomb are pretty much a one-trick pony, especially live. Fast drums, interchangeable riffs and a vocalist who contrives his vocal lines around strategically placed screams which sound even more comical live than on album. Yes, it’s becoming rather dull and even more predictable. No wonder people started shouting for Slayer. Ah well, Philly Byrne saying ‘No sorry, No Slayer’ with that funny accent was pretty entertaining at least.

GamaBomb are not a band that care much about ‘The Riff’. It’s mostly chord progressions, tremolo picking, palm muting. There are less standout songs than on Citizen Brain and the song titles are actually worse. But since I really like old school crossover like Wehrmacht, MOD and such, I’m always in for a joke. GamaBomb however never get a smile on my face. For that they’re too monotone, lightweight and a song title such as ‘Last Ninjas Unite’ is just too pre-teen to be even remotely funny compared to the pubescent humour of the eighties. And ‘Skeletron’ is an amazingly depressing title. So is the song itself with its borrowed-from-NoReturn vocal effects. Nor are GamaBomb a band that care much about changes in pace and thrashbreaks. Once again a reason they become so monotone after a few songs.

Still, if vocal lines are great and catchy, the riffs memorable, a band could still be great even if they only play at one pace and have a mediocre vocalist. Municipal Waste proved that on Hazardous Mutation. However, comparing GamaBomb to the impact and catchiness of Municipal Waste, would be like comparing Acrophet with SOD in the eighties. Simply a different league.

The music here is entertaining when you’re fed up hearing modern brutal death metal all day long filled with blasturbation, new school breakdowns and that shoegazing windmill atmosphere. Gama Bomb is entertaining when you haven’t heard any thrash or crossover in a long while. Are there no songs here worth getting if you already have a huge thrash metal collection? Well maybe ‘We Respect You’ since this song at least has a few real riffs. And ‘Polterghost’ is quite catchy if you can live with the vocals.

Vocalist Philly Byrne is getting annoying by now. He has a recognisable voice, sure. But he sounds like a parody more than ever. And apart from the vocal comedy performance there still is not much true character and diversity here to speak of a memorable album. So next time a new vocalist, a more diverse drummer and a different songwriter? Hell, Domo Dixon just start a new band will ya!