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Like The '86 - 77%

MystifyXD, April 5th, 2010

Gama Bomb is one heck of a thrash band. They play fast, loud and heavy as fuck music. The very first thing I’ve noticed in this album is that they have used their tried and tested formula for this album like their previous work, “Citizen Brain”, although the atmosphere is quite different. The production is still clean, with the bass slightly discrete.

I find the vocals unique and somewhat hilarious. Its speed adds edge to the songs. Another thing about the vocals is that it is sometimes high-pitched, which is bound to annoy some thrash fans, but I find it okay, though. The music is fast and energetic, and that makes the riffs and solos such. The drums are usually basic, but yeah, fast. The songs have an average length of around 2 and half minutes or so, which is somehow a bummer.

“Slam Anthem” is a good choice for a first song and it also has a catchy thrash chorus, which is followed by “New Eliminators of Atlantis BC”, which is nevertheless awesome with the high-pitched shrieks. “Escape from Scarecrow Mountain”, has a catchy chorus and real fast vocal lines. Another song with an awesome, catchy chorus is “Return to Blood Castle”. “Skeletron” amazed me, despite of having vocal effects. The addition of the robotic voice made a lasting statement to the song. Lastly, “Mummy Invasion” is one great way to end an album; very energetic and very lively. “Three Withes” is a good song ruined by its ending. The last riffs strayed away from the song itself. “Mussolini Mosh” is too short for a nice song like that. “Apocalypse 1997” sounds like pure speed with too much shrieking, which sounds like a true filler, although is has a good solo. The ghastly voice recorded on “Polterghost” doesn’t appeal me at all. I think a better ghastly voice is needed.

Overall, this is an album good on moderate doses only. It’s quite obvious, actually, that too much speed creates boredom, but somehow they have made it sound fun. I hope these guys make better music and continue the growth of the new wave of thrash metal.

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