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Setting the bar high for British thrash - 83%

Visionary, January 10th, 2007

The debut album of Gama Bomb shows that the band has come along way since their first demo. They have improved in virtually every aspect and aided by a very healthy production. The songs are fast and catchy being quite memorable. The riffing reminds me of Agent Steel meets Nuclear Assault and each track has its own charm. The vocals are still in falsetto form not to dissimilar to Lemmy. They can take some time getting used to but they sing along to the riffs very well and vary in pitch. The gang vocals are to be found in nice form and it’s hard not to shout along to. More twists and hooks are used than in the demos and it is enough to keep my attention all the way through.

29 minutes for an album is quite short and constitutes more of an EP but there is no filler here so it is forgivable. Survival of the Fastest sets the bar high for the British Thrash scene and is certainly one of the top thrash releases of 2006. Gama Bomb is already working on the sophomore release and I highly look forward to it.

Best tracks are: Fortified Zone, Zombie Creeping Flesh