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Gama Bomb - Give Me Leather

Businesslike sadists welcome - 90%

Felix 1666, February 27th, 2021
Written based on this version: 2018, 7" vinyl, AFM Records (Limited edition)

Two years ago, I grumbled in the review of "Speed Between the Lines" about the B side of the "Give Me Leather" single not being included on the full-length. But as an inconsistent thrash metal addict, I have now of course arrested the single after all. There is not much more to say about the title track from a musical point of view. This is Gama Bomb in pure culture. High speed, a few falsetto screams and just the right amount of melody. Lyrically, there is once again the typical humour of the Irish. The song is about a secret bondage lover who loves inter alia businesslike sadists. The lyrics offer almost dadaistic lines: "I crave the lash of ash on flesh - I'm paying cash from a stash". Great trash (and thrash)!

So now to the exclusive B side. "2016: Return to Easter Rising" recalls the 1916 attempt by Irish republicans to achieve independence from Britain. However, men like James Connolly or Patrick Pearse, who are mentioned by name in the song, underestimated the desire of the British inventors of fair play to throw their sporting attitude overboard immediately. The English gentlemen of the South Staffordshire Regiment were not the only ones to shoot down a few unarmed Dublin residents. Always these damned civilians! But Gama Bomb stay true to themselves and wrap up the serious topic humorously with a mini-dialogue about "evil machines". Apart from this, they use the same means musically as in the piece on the A side.

The sound of the single is excellent, transparent, clearly defined and powerful, while the visual design of the release is minimalistic (no inner sleeve, no lyrics, no gimmicks of any kind). However, it was too bad that this little gem called “2016: Return to Easter Rising” did not appear on “Speed Between the Lines”. Thank God, that’s almost the only thing that went wrong concerning Gama Bomb which are one of the best bands in the global metal scene – at least in my humble opinion.