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Retro-Thrash With Muscle - 95%

Roffle_the_Thrashard, January 14th, 2015

Wow... Where do I start talking about his fantastic album?... I've lost a lot of hope in today's metal scene. Too much about the look and not the music. Now it's all about censorship and shying away from the NSFW aspects of life unfortunately. But it's bands like Gama Bomb and albums like "Citizen Brain" that let me still keep faith in good music. The album cover is what draws your attention first. It's riddled with gore and some subtle political messages, but these messages didn't match the album's themes very well.

When I heard the first song "Zombie Blood Nightmare" from this record I was blown away. First by drummer Paul Gaffrey, whose rhythms were tight as hell and sweeping. Next by guitarists Domo Dixon and Luke Graham, and bassist Joe McGuian playing perfectly in-sync and at a speed that I had heard from few bands. My jaw dropped again when vocalist Philly Byrne started doing his thing. His vocals were perfect. I normally hear a band whose vocals are harsh enough but not audible, or a band whose vocalist's lyrics are clear but not abrasive enough. Byrne mixes aggression and audibility in a refreshing way that has a prowess all its own. His vocals do get a little more high pitched than I would like at times and he has uses a repetitive vocal pattern on most songs, but thus is music. For a five piece band, they match their sound with their numbers. There was never a moment when I found myself wanting more from these guys.

But let's talk about the music itself. The song writing of Citizen brain is wonderful and unique. Songs like "Space Invaders" and "Hell Trucker" absolutely obliterate everything in their path. They never let you up for air. "Bullet Belt," "Thrashaholic," and " Sentenced To Thrash" are all about getting down to and getting destroyed by thrash metal. I normally dislike songs about these sort of things because I feel like they make a mockery of thrashers and their affiliates. But Gama Bomb delivered so well with these tracks that I had to like them. Songs like “Zombi Brew,” “In The Court Of General Zod,” “Final Fight, ”Hammer Slammer” and “Time Crime” are all well written, and well rounded. The most solid songs on the album in my opinion were “Zombie Blood Nightmare” and “Space Invaders due to their speed and technicality.

The album's production was pretty normal at times. The drumming was made up to seem/sound nearly impossible to do however. "Zombie Blood Nightmare" will let you know that. I actually thought there was a drum machine playing the rhythms that the band was grooving to, but I guess I was wrong.

Citizen Brain was the first Gama Bomb alum I had heard, and I immediately assumed that it was their debut album do to its attitude, speed and difficulty. But I was wrong. My only problem with this album was its cheesy lyrics, but other than that it was amazing. As Gama Bomb progresses they get better each time. I can’t wait to see what is their future. Thrash is back for good.