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Thrashing is insane! - 90%

Mortuus_Avarice, March 15th, 2011

Rennaisance? Hell no, this is a pure New rennaisance! Avalanche, hurricane, or call it how the heck you want to; lets take it short – thrash metal. Musical genre, which unbelievably rises again. From all around the world new bands are growing like mushrooms after the rain, quartets and quintets, trying to sound like all of those, who created the thrash history. What? Some bookworm piffling something about originality? Tell him to shut the fuck up and to go to the concert, we show him what we can do. And this was what I did in the cause of Nothern Irish band Gama Bomb, worshipping the good auld times of Slayer, Nuclear Assault and Kreator, when all of those were striking with hellish wrath, storming into the walls of death, and all have gone insane.

What about originality? I usually don´t care; if the guys can play and play from the heart, then why not, let´s go for it. Gama Bomb rocked the place at the Metalmania Fest in Zlin, CZE, and when I got to their album „Cizizen Brain“ (what a strange name, maybe a paraphrase of the famous Orson Welles movie „Citizen Kane“?), I belived in a similar experience home by the fire. But I´ve really not expected, that I´ll almost shit in my pants. How did the bastards make it? There is so much bands playing similar music and it´s spreading like the plague in the Middle ages. Does Gama Bomb have anything special, something what the others lack? Honestly, I don´t know. I can just describe, what they have.

Awesome feeling of the 80´s. Voice (a real VOICE), whose owner has an unstoppable gift of the gab and a great range, like Tom Araya in his younger days. Brutally catchy, or catchy brutal riffs. Solos, which are sometimes crossing the borders of speed/thrash metal. Pounding bassist, who also likes to make some „hey ho“ choir into the mic. Drummer-octopus overdosed with stimulants. And, finally, the lyrics, which are covering an entire genre themes. Metal, load of fun, booze, political machinations and shady dealings, some zombies to make much more fun, thirteen times „fuck.“ The most interesting song is, from this view, „Time Crime“, full of historical anomalies and twisted-off equivoques; „Napoleon Blownapart“, for example, is really weird...Take this together and you´ll get a steam roller with a gas turbine installed, so it has not just a damned heavy sound, it is fast as a shark and sharp like a buzz-saw. When listening to „Citizen Brain“, I sometimes consider myself a masochist. My ears are in pain from this airstrike assault, but I can´t stop listening to it and tear my ears again and again! This is not an epidemy, but pure addiction! I can´t remember an album, which could awake such a positive pissing-off feeling in me. Portraits of those I hate to death I see before my eyes, they are strictured in a stubborn grin and their own blood flows from their lacerated scars. Unconsciously I clench my fists and I´m touching their necks...If it was true, I´d smash them into dust. But the album is over now and I´m slowly taken back into a normal state of mind. Violence not needed, I just borrow a bullet belt from my friend and take a walk through the town, then. They all will be aware.

„Citizen Brain“ is a a machine gun fire without any equivalents. If we can talk about some relax, a bit of it you can find in the last song „Bullet Belt“. It is the longest song aon the album, I say, almost three and a half minute! Why to f..., er, why to bother, eh? All of those who know me, know my phlegmatic temper well ; anything I should keep as secret. But Gama Bomb smacks me once, smacks me twice, and before the third stroke I stand on my legs, prepared to smack someone myself. If you meet me on the street and I will look like that Gama Bomb is systematically destroying my ears, just slowly cross the street and I will pretend I didn´t see you. If not the case, I can´t give you any guarantee for my behaviour. And the opponents of me can stick their doubts where the monkeys stick their....Ah, right, all right, man, I´m turning it off already. I will listen it once again, when I´ll be alone and not dangerous to anybody.

So what? I went crazy. Maybe, who cares? Get this, you won´t regret.