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Fucking Epic! - 95%

AtTheHeartOfWinter12, May 27th, 2009

This album is so fun. I was completely blown away but the fact that this somewhat unknown band can come along, and take the dying genre of thrash metal, and completely revamp it! This album takes classic fundamentals of thrash, and amplifies them to the umpteenth degree. The guitars are fast, crunchy, and most of all TIGHT. The solos are very fluent, and fun. The band really keeps it original. The bass is fast and keeps up with the guitar well, adding a heavier tone to the album. The drums are fast and complex as fuck. I honestly don't get how this guy does it. he as great endurance. The vocals are crazy and mesh well with the other instruments. i've never heard a singer do the crazy shit this guy does with his vocals at points in various songs in this album. It provides a lot of entertainment to say the least.

The best part about this band is that they don't take themselves too seriously. They aren't trying to make evil, or dark songs. All they set out to do with this album is create fun songs that you can bang your head to and feel fucking good listening to. In fact, I'm pretty sure every song has some reference to zombies, or video games, or just getting completely trashed. It creates a great vibe for the album, and it makes the band appear to have a great time.

If you are just looking for a few songs off this album, I'd highly recommend Zombie Blood Nightmare, Zombie Brew, Sentenced To Thrash, or Bullet Belt. They are all quality tracks, but just a little better than all the other songs on the album.

If you like your metal fast, thrashy, crunchy, and fun, pick this album up. You won't be disappointed, and you will find yourself jamming to it on numerous occasions.