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Pretty good fretboard/piano wrangling - 83%

caspian, March 8th, 2018

This is cool, but yknow I'm not sure if I'd play it around other people. Perhaps I have a hard time taking this music fully seriously myself. Perhaps I'm just not interested in loudly suggesting to everyone else that I'm a Naruto fan? I know it's a crass, very basic level "haha they're a Japanese band so it reminds me of mainstream anime" sorta thing to say, but I mean.. listen to the thing. It's not something I'll go out of my way to confirm, but I'll eat my pants if there's not a few million uploads on youtube along the lines of "NARUTO VS SASUKE- Galneryus Raise My Sword.wmv"

It is a good album though, and I imagine if you're hardout into power metal/have a slightly higher tolerance for bombastic cheese you'll probably find this quite sensational. The production is totally on point, light, airy, crispy, and I like the way the guitars and keys are mixed- they both play a lot of fairly busy lines, and neither dominate the other. The singer- well, name dropping power metal singers isn't a strength of mine but I rather like the dude, he's not as powerful as some but he's redolent of a smoother early James LaBrie, especially with his vibrato.

I like how there's not that many ballads. Whether you can really say that something as polished and airtight as Raise My Sword of Voice of The Grevious Cry "rocks hard" is certainly up for debate, but it's got plenty of energy and there's actual riffs, unlike your europower endless chord progression types. It's pretty inspiring, it's fairly uplifting. The tunes are pretty long, but the songwriting is fairly tight- there's enough going on that you don't really get bored, even the fourteen minute title track with all of it's classical pretentions. There's much to be said about the way the guitarists approach it; everything is quite busy, and there seems to be more of an influence from early power metal stuff as opposed to trying to outwuss Stratovarius or whatever.

It's probably the best album in the style- whatever style you want to call it, anyway- that I've heard. It's certainly rather cheesy in places- whenever they slow down and the keys really come out I tend to cringe a bit- but for the most part it's pretty great. Highly recommended, whether you just want to listen some well written power metal or you need some new music for that "goku goes ssj3" video you're currently editing.