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New vocalist, same quality - 90%

Alkhemyst, September 4th, 2011

Japan may produce lot of power bands, but most of them tend to be rather unimpressive. Galneryus has been one of the notable exceptions throughout their career. Resurrection is a fitting name for their first album after the departure of vocalist Masahiro “Yama-B” Yamaguchi. He was awesome vocalist by any international power metal standards, making replacing him difficult. His versatile voice was one of the key ingredients of Galneryus´s sound. I´m happy to say they survived the vocalist change.

Masatoshi Ono, the new guy, doesn´t have the distinct personality and raspy sound in his voice as his predecessor had, but is very solid singer nevertheless. He makes reaching high notes sound very easy and shows some passion in his vocals. Galneryus didn´t try to replace Yama-B with a copy and getting used to the new bit more generic guy can be difficult for some older fans. Ono´s incredible range overshadows his weaknesses and I find him a very good choice.

The music keeps the high quality I have used to expect from Galneryus. With Yama-B gone, Galneryus centers even more around guitarist Syu. He is still remarkably good at combining his technical shredding with catchy melodies. Supported by prominent keyboards of Yuhki, Galneryus´s brand of power metal produces breathtaking melodies. Rhythm section of bassist Taka and drummer Junichi Sato takes the back seat, though you can´t deny their skill with their instruments.

With new high wailing vocalist, Galneryus has lost most of it´s darker edge and replaced it with more positive and fast-paced feel. They certainly sound more like majority of power metal bands, but there is still the unmistakably varied compositions and technical skill of Syu. That guy simply hasn´t lost his touch. As long as he is in the band, Galneryus will sound like Galneryus.

This is traditional power metal with slightly proggy touch, not much more. The important thing is that Resurrection is incredibly well composed and played power metal that is highly recommended to the fans of the genre.