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A Slight Disappointment - 65%

corviderrant, June 10th, 2009

This album, after two very strong and hard-hitting predecessors, came as a disappointment to me. Galneryus seem to have floundered a bit musically on this album, and what I mean there is that while the music and the prowess with which it is delivered is about the same, that little extra something is missing to really kick it over the top like the last two albums.

Vocalist Yama-B left the band after this album, citing musical differences, and I can tell he's not as behind the music as he was before on this release; while he does sing well, the extra level of aggression and passion is lacking here and it's sad to say so. Syu plays his butt off as usual, Yuhki's keyboard prowess is stellar as always, the rhythm section lays it down good...but it's not the same as before. The strife in the band has resulted in them releasing a sub-par album, unfortunately. Some bands can live off of that kind of strife and make it work, but apparently this is not the case here.

While "Owari Naki, Konoshi" starts off well with keyboard swells and a passionately emotional guitar lead, and explodes into a good, thrashy riff, it slows down for the verses, and this is where it loses momentum in a big way. The rest of the album follows suit by capitalizing on this lack of momentum and bogging down terribly. The riffs just aren't there, the energy is missing, the passion is absent, and it loses me quickly. As mentioned, Yama-B's lack of commitment to the album is also very obvious, and it further hurts their cause. I hope they find a capable vocalist to fill his shoes and rejuvenate them musically, maybe that's what they need?

Really, I can't say more about this album other than Galneryus really need to get it back together and start hitting hard again like they did on the albums before this one. This album is an unfortunate footnote in their discography and I hope they can indeed get back on track with their powerfully melodic style soon.