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Girls! - 90%

andrea_thrasher, May 17th, 2011

What is better than girls playing metal? Wow, these women play melodic death metal very well, growling like beasts and playing really fast. This is the first album I listened to by them and it is fucking good. The speed of the guitars along with the drums and amazing vocals makes this album very easy to enjoy. The quality of the girls to make music is really high as the guitar riffs will blow your mind. I do not understand what they are saying, but I'm certain the lyrics are brutal.

The album begins with a piano intro with a very good melody, then second song, Treason Sky, starts with an awesome battery and the guitar solos are perfect. This song can be very aggressive, but is very melodic at the same time. The vocals alternate between clean singing and death metal vocals. When you hear the first song you will have an idea how the rest of the album sounds. Since most of the songs are the same on this album, it doesn't mean its bad because you will enjoy this no matter what. The good thing about this album is that I find the songs have sufficient duration (about three or four minutes) and hearing the same sound in a song would become monotonous. All the instruments are well-played and even the vocals are well done.

To put it simply, we have a great debut from a great band of Japanese girls who still have much to give to the world of metal. If you like melodic death metal, you cannot miss this opportunity to have this album. Strongly recommended.

Highlights: パラサイト & Fangs of Slaves.