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Write it out and stop cutting your hemorroids - 64%

cinedracusio, December 13th, 2007

Except the great cover image, everything that I've found on this album is damn average.

There is a fair amount of speed on this album, though it seems that plodding parts are favoured. However, no matter if there are fast or slow parts, this album is an monolithic slab of depression (as if it could've been anything else). It just marches forward like a maniaco-depressive Hello Kitty in a mental hospital, without any trace of change, except some violent pace changes, like disruptions in its stream-of-consciousness. The guitar parts are nothing special at all, only some distorted three-note riffs with occasional acoustic picking that does not manage to create any sort of atmosphere. Well, it is depressive, of course, but it is not something that would make the listener have a great revelation. Not to mention that some moments get unbearably close to punk (crappy punk, not The Stooges!). Fortunately, the girls seem to have a sense of equilibrium that keeps'em away from falling in alt-rock nonsense. I've never been a sucker for female vocals except stuff by Janis Joplin, Diamanda Galas, Jeanne Lee or Jennifer Herrera from Royal Trux, and I've never been a sucker for hardcore-sounding vocals either, so it's obvious I'm not a sucker for this.

The drumming has "that" frying pan sound, and the girl who beats the frying pans has "those" speed stomps plus slow-paced snare+cymbal plus some toms involved in the aging process. Not a virtuoso performance, but she manages to keep the rhythm going without any problem.
I am really fine with the bass distortion, still I am pissed off by two aspects: first, it's no Kevin Rutmanis to play it, meaning that it is played lifelessly and second, THAT bass part in SLOG reminds me very much of the bass part in the third track from Fushitsusha's PSF 3-4 (without any pretention of touching the magnitude of that performance from a band that would shred a lot of competition's ass in metal music).
It is an honest effort and it contains some conviction, but sometimes, you really have to be more open-minded and creative. For fuck's sake, I just hope that Gallhammer aren't striving to be the next Drudkh.