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A Kamikaze Strike - 89%

CrowleyHead, October 7th, 2006

G.I.S.M. was introduced to me a long time ago... So long ago, I don't remember how. But I checked them away as a band to check out. About a month ago, I heard them for the first time and I realized something. The same way critics in metal talk about the first recordings by C.O.C. and D.R.I. fusing hardcore and metal into something flawless... that was what I heard in these songs. G.I.S.M. is THE provincial Crossover/Metalcore band. Their fusion of Maiden-era guitar work, brutal vocals and pounding agression make them a flawless band, and no album shows it better then "M.A.N."

First of all, one should just listen to this band as a whole. Songs from the 1st album are a basic hardcore punk formula. Yeah, you're angry and pissed. Yeah, you're recording in possibly the worst studio known to man... Heck, it's probably their basement. And just to warn, EVERY song from G.I.S.M. sounds like that. If you end up unable to stand this quality, then it's your loss. But it does grow detrimental after a while, I do conceed. If only the band had recorded with a real studio....

Now, two people essentially make up the impressive quality of this band. And that would be Randy and Sakevi. Not to say the others don't make themselves valuable, but, these two truly define the band's "sound". Sakevi's voice is possibly one of the best "Death Grunts" that never got his shine. His rasps resemble someone being strangled more than the usual growled vocals, and have a unique tone. Perhaps it's the japanese accent. Furthermore, Randy is just brilliant. His sharp and angular riffs, and wild solos, make him seem like the love child of Andy Gill and Glenn Tipton. Combined, and you've got a sound that really captures the growth of metal over the 80's era.

In short, I feel that this album is worth everyone's check out. G.I.S.M. may not be a very brilliant band musically, but they have a unique sound that's possibly never going to be matched.