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Strange... great! - 88%

minorthreat665, September 17th, 2007

The best way I can describe this album's sound and GISM's sound for those who haven't heard it is a strange fuzzy mess of Japanese hardcore punk and melodic heavy metal with a little tiny bit of harmony. It really is a great and unique sound by a very strange band for fans of metal and punk alike.

GISM's sound on Detestation is the best of any of their albums in my opinion. The guitar's high-end is really fuzzy and treble-driven, sometimes sounding like a Nintendo game. Most people would say this is detracting for an artist, but it really fits in the music strangely. The low end of the guitars is again fuzzy, and very very dirty sounding, which is great for Sakevi's sick vocal delivery that reminds one of a modern (non-growling) grind singer. The low end does get to show, listen to the beginning of "Nih Nightmare". The best part of the guitars are the brilliant harmonies played in true classic heavy metal style throughout the album. The bass is usually in the background, but when it comes out, it makes harsh dissonance that sets the dirty, weird mood GISM evokes.

Sakevi's vocals vary from a harsh delivery on "Endless Blockades..." and "Death Agonies..." to an almost sing-song (but very operatic) voice near the end of "Nih Nightmare". He also has some strange watery-type effects warping his voice on "Syphilitic Vaginas", perfect for the twisted song.

Overall this release is a mish-mash of genres and strange lyrics, but a very solid, dirty heavy metal release. One may fall in love, or one may be completely baffled as to why anyone would listen. GISM is an anomaly in extreme music.