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Review: Furze - Trident Autocrat - 77%

Goatwarrior, January 26th, 2004

An interesting release. Six tracks of obscure Norwegian Black Metal. It's difficult to describe the music on offer here, as it frequently varies from different styles such as being raw and harsh one minute to being melodic yet aggressive the next. There are some pretty strange touches on offer here, like "Avail the Autocrat of Evil" which contains a definite Black Sabbath-esque influence, and there is also common use of "plodding" basslines that really stand out. This all has a very nice effect, and there certainly aren't any other bands that spring to mind when I listen to this CD.

Unfortunately, the vocals can be a bit "touch and go". At times they are okay, nothing incredible but typical Black Metal growls. However, there is also use of "clean" vocals that sound quite bad. In fact, they remind me of E.T. (yes, from the Steven Spielberg film). The lyrics leave a fair bit to be desired aswell, as they seem quite silly and meaningless at times.

This is a very obscure and fairly original release that is certainly not for everyone. But then, Black Metal isn't supposed to be, is it?