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Funerot is the PAST of Thrash! - 85%

Cochino, November 15th, 2007

FUNEROT really surprised me. I’m pretty sceptic when it comes to new records, and even more about new bands, but I read many positive reviews, praising their style and old school sound, so I risked to fall in the trap I fell many times before. But these guys really ARE old school. The music sound like it has been recorded at least15 years ago. Very raw, but every instrument can be appreciated in a correct manner.
I listened this CD and their split with RABID at the same time (well, not really. First I listened to one, and then to the other, because if you listen 2 records at the same time you can’t understand a fuck, try to do it), and the change between them is pretty important. In the split their style was Thrash/Death with some Punk elements. But in this one they almost abandoned their Death style leaving only Thrash and Punk, but that didn’t diminished the amount of aggression. This album consists in a really powerful kind of Crossover (very well displayed in songs like “Mandroid” or “Death By Draino”), mixed with some faster tracks (like “Invaders From The Death Dimension”), with clear reminiscences of SLAUGHTER (Can).
If you miss those good old days, when Thrash, Speed, Punk and Death were good friends, and blend together with almost no prejudice at all, you’re gonna love this record. I could even say that it is the best record from 2006.

Funerot is the future of Thrash! - 89%

Ayreon_The_Blind, March 7th, 2006

I was not sure what I was getting into when I first heard this album. The opening started out with a horror sounding synth key and tapping on a keyboard, then it broke into a bluesy riff. After the first minute passed it broke out into a thrash riffs followed by blazing drums. After a sci-fi sounding sample, the vocals kicked in. They grab you by the balls and never let go, through out the whole album. They sound like punk vocals tinged with Death Metal vocals.

This album is supposed to be Death/Thrash but the whole time I listened, all I thought was Crossover. The riffs are blazing fast, the vocals are fast, the drums are fast, and the bass provides grinds along the whole time. These guy's are very talented, and know how to write a Thrash song. There are not many bands left like them, now with the craze for longer faster Thrash songs with generic Thrash vocalist who seem to be angsty. The main vocalist here is angry, but never sounds angsty, not for one minute.

The solos are fast and always to the point, with no wanking at all. This is a good thing, since the songs are not about technicality. They are short, but not too short, unlike bands like Stormtroopers Of Death. The songs get it, thrash, and get out. This makes them very easy to listen to and makes repeat listens very easy. None of the songs sound alike either, which is usualy the price for having short songs.

The lyrics are very cool, which are accented with sci-fi and horror topics. Even the title reminds me of a 50's-60's sci-fi/horror movie. Some of the songs have funny parts, some of them are gory, some of them are mysterious. While most bands like Funerot are yelling about some political agenda, they stick to fun topics.

About mid-way through the album, there is a accoustic interlude, which breaks up the pace really well, and is done really well. If this had not been here, the album might have lost some steam from it's fast Thrash style. If more bands would break up their songs like this, albums might be more fun to listen to.

Now the downfalls, this album is short. 28 or so minutes. It leaves me wanting more, though it is easy to listen to over and over. Plus, for 10 dollars, this is more Thrash for your buck.

I highly suggest this album for any fans of old school Thrash/Crossover. It is cheap, it is fun, and it is a pleasure to listen to.