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Devilry - 85%

dismember_marcin, April 1st, 2017

Among all the black metal releases which I've heard in the very early 00's I think Funeral Mist came up with some of the best and most exceptional recordings. I truly love their "Salvation" LP, which for sure is among the most killer black metal records ever recorded. In 2005 Norma Evangelium Diaboli also released the "Devilry" MLP, originally put out in 1998 by Shadow Records, and this MLP also blew my head off. Obviously we all know that Arioch has also been Marduk's vocalist since 2004's "Plague Angel". This is one of the reasons why so many people compare both bands. If I had to do such a comparison, then let me say that I think Funeral Mist is the better band, since "Salvation" crushes most Legion-era Marduk records (like "La Grande Dance Macabre" for example) easily. And the fact is that Marduk's music got better only when Arioch joined them (and it started to sound a lot like Funeral Mist also, especially on "Rom 5:12"). So, we can compare both bands, it's natural, also because they both play Swedish black metal.

The "Devilry" MLP contains five killer tracks of malicious and possessed black metal played in very high tempo. Funeral Mist sounds incredibly hateful and evil, they have this sick, satanic aura in the music, which is almost overwhelming and you can sense that this is something serious, not a poser, childish game done for the purpose of having an off-school band. I love the powerful, intense sound of Funeral Mist's music, their fast and totally uncompromising, vicious songs. Even slower fragments will crush you into a smouldering pile. Arioch sounds like someone possessed and sick, his performance is absolutely amazing and does a lot of work for making the whole sound even better and more original. He's such a good vocalist and he also has a real gift for arranging his vocals in a unique and special way. I am sure that if you used this music with just another talentless vocalist, then "Devilry" wouldn't sound even half as good. You'll find here such killer anthems as "Nightside Phantom", "The God Supreme", "Funeral Mist", but all five tracks from "Devilry" are fantastic. And as I said, if you like Marduk, get this MLP, because it sounds even better. Way fuckin better! And the best thing about it is that even though the music sounds so intense and violent, it is somehow memorable and even catchy, so it will easily stick in your head.

The vinyl released by NOEVDIA also contains the first press LP only bonus song "Hellspell 2", which was recorded in 1998 and which obviously is also exceptional. But more so, you'll find here the entire "Havoc" demo from 1996. After some remastering, this demo sounds incredibly well and even if it can be seen as a bit poorer and rawer version of "Devilry" (it includes early versions of songs "Hellspell" and "Nightside Phantom"), it sounds great and strong anyway. More so, I am almost sure that there will be maniacs who will prefer this harsh production over the strong and relatively clean sound of "Devilry" or "Salvation". For me, it doesn't matter, the point is that Funeral Mist's music sounds always fantastic, doesn't matter if it's a demo or something else. The vinyl released by NOEVDIA has a proper presentation, killer photos, good layout, a poster... Definitely it's a must to have in a collection in my opinion.

Standout tracks: "Nightside Phantom", "The God Supreme", "Funeral Mist"
Final rate: 85/100