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One of the better BM eps - 87%

Tharamyr, June 8th, 2004

In many respects this EP is like a mini-me Salvation. The riffs and drumming have the same feeling, the production is also vicious as fuck, the many samples are there, the overall progression follows the same idea and it even starts (noise + screaming) and ends (sample of classical music) the same way. So, this just has to rule, right?

It sure does! If anything, this sounds even more vicious than Salvation. Necromorbus’ drum assault is more pronounced in the mix. Arioch’s vocals sound very very demonic. (Though that’s due to the effects put on them. He’s cheating.) The songs are as good as any from Salvation...Ok maybe not as good as Circle of Eyes, but it’s close.

In short, if you liked Salvation, you’ll like this. The samples are a lot cheesier, there’s no real concept, and it’s way shorter (Half the number of songs, one third the length.) but it still destroys everything remotely similar to it.