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Funeral Dust's Promo - 93%

Scattered_Ashes, January 7th, 2008

Funeral Dust is a band that I first heard about through a Metal Maniacs, the review was good so I decided to check them out. They are a slightly melodic black metal project with an emphasis on vocals and keyboards.

Overall, Wulv and his session drummer have put together a very solid project that is easily listened to and interesting. the keyboards create an atmosphere that is backed up and strengthened by the guitars and drums. The drums fit very nicely in this music and enhance the experience of listening to the music, the style fits in the music. Wulv's vocals are fierce and sharp. The guitars are simple but completely appropriate. There were 9 tracks on the promo I ordered, and it was easy to trace how the band is progressing, each track seemed to feature more keyboards (too much towards the end), the best tracks are in the middle.

Overall, if you can get a hold of a Funeral Dust release, do it! They remind me of early Dimmu Borgir.